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How stable is Docker for GCP

Docker for GCP is stable enough for development and testing, but we currently don’t recommend use with production workloads.

Can I use my own Disk Image?

No, at this time we only support the default Docker Disk Image.

What is this bootstrap instance?

This instance is currently used to create (bootstrap) the first manager. We plan on removing the need for such an additional instance before Docker for GCP goes GA.

Where do I report problems or bugs?

Send an email to or post to the #docker-for-gcp channel in the Docker Community Slack.

If your stack is misbehaving, please run the following diagnostic tool from one of the managers - this will collect your docker logs and send them to Docker:

$ docker-diagnose
OK hostname=manager1
OK hostname=worker1
OK hostname=worker2
Done requesting diagnostics.
Your diagnostics session ID is 1234567890-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Please provide this session ID to the maintainer debugging your issue.

Note: Your output will be slightly different from the above, depending on your swarm configuration.


Docker for GCP sends anonymized minimal metrics to Docker (heartbeat). These metrics are used to monitor adoption and are critical to improve Docker for GCP.

Can I have multiple stacks per Google Cloud Project?

Yes, it’s supported but not recommended. gcloud deployment-manager deployments create stack ... creates resources that are prefixed with stack-. Each stack must have a unique name in the project. It is not recommended to do that in production though. A bug in Docker for GCP would allow one stack to delete instances of another stack for example. The only way to securely isolate two stacks is to create them in two different projects.

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