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Release notes


  • Managers now have two disks. One for the kernel, one for the data. This makes the upgrades much smoother.
  • Fixed the channel name. Should be edge, not beta.
  • System docker images are now read from disk rather than pulled from the network.
  • Docker 17.05.0-ce-rc1


  • Fix the image pruning. It was not possible to use enableSystemPrune and the cron that actually calls docker prune was broken.
  • Add documentation to delete a stack.
  • All the gcloud commands in the docs and the outputs should reference the project. eg, gcloud compute ssh --project [project] --zone [zone] [manager-name].
  • Access to ssh can be restricted to a class of source addresses.
  • Improve stack scaling/upgrade.
  • Base disk images are not anymore public.
  • Docker 17.03.0-ce


  • First version opened to chosen Beta testers
  • Docker 17.03.0-ce-rc1
Apr 27, 2017 at 4:21am (PST) BUILD_DATA